September 8th, 2017: Looking Back


So far in 2017, upwards of 26,000 migrants have illegally entered Canada and filed asylum claims, already surpassing last year’s total.

But Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem too concerned by the surge of illegal border crossings.

Last week, at an emergency meeting with community leaders to address the recent surge, Trudeau’s focus was reportedly on “marketing Canada as an open and welcoming society”.

Rather than misrepresenting Canada as some kind of open-border liberal utopia, Justin Trudeau should be sending police officers and immigration officers to secure our borders. Many Canadians agree with this, according to Angus Reid poll.

Trudeau is leading Canada down a very dangerous path.

Watching Europe and the UK deal with radicalized insurgency should serve as a warning to the Trudeau government: we need to tackle illegal immigration and focus on integration before it’s too late.