SHOCK video: Iranian official vows to unleash “guerrilla movement” within U.S.


(This content originally appeared on the Rebel Media)

New video footage seems to confirm our very worst fears about terrorism and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and lends credibility to President Trump’s claim that the United States’ immigration system is being manipulated by terrorist states.

This new video shows Hassan Abbasi, a high-ranking official with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who has been described as “the Henry Kissinger of Iran,” threatening to unleash a wave terror in the United States.

I’ve spoken to several sources who have confirmed the identity of the man, Hassan Abbasi, and confirmed that this translation and the English subtitles are very accurate.

Abbasi is seen boasting about a “guerrilla movement” of Iranian agents living and working in the United States. He claims there are over 2 million Iranians, including over 7,000 Ph.D. holders, in the US.

Abassi appears to claim that those physicists are loyal to Iran and part of a terrorist army. And apparently American nuclear warheads are the target of their guerrilla movement.

Abbasi also asserts that Iran works with other nations:

“It won’t be an Iranian-only guerrilla movement, but from all Islamic countries. You can deport them all, but we are working with Mexicans, and Argentinians too. We will organize anyone who has problem with the United States.”

The IRGC’s covert military branch, the Qods Force, is listed as terrorist entity in Canada and is banned under the Canadian criminal code. And the US is now considering applying the same designation.

Trump’s executive order is much more justifiable in this context, considering a high-ranking Iranian official is claiming to have a guerilla army in place and threatening a terrorist attack of the scale of 9/11.