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Stop the government from policing the internet!

As you’re aware, True North relies heavily on social media platforms to get our news out to Canadians.

However, the Canadian government is pushing for social media censorship of “fake news”.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said the Trudeau government is looking “very, very carefully” at forcing social media companies to censor “toxic communications” on their platforms.

But what exactly is the government’s definition of “toxic communications” or “fake news”?

Trudeau's Democratic Institutions Minister has even threatened to shut down social media companies during the election.

Trudeau and his ministers have repeatedly made public statements about “protecting” democracy by censoring fake news on the internet.

Trudeau’s environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, once referred to True North’s Candice Malcolm’s reporting as “fake news”:

The Liberals have already announced $7 million to educate Canadians on what to think when consuming news.

Could news outlets and organizations critical of the government, such as True North, be targeted for censorship on social media?

Social media companies already have meticulous processes to identify and remove extremist content and false reporting.

The government should NOT police the internet.


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