Stop the Left from Normalizing Sharia Law

Sharia law relegates women to second class citizens, and puts medieval religious edicts ahead of Canadian law.

Everyday Canadians know: Sharia law has no place in Canada.

However, Leftist elites in Canada have launched a campaign to normalize Sharia law.

  • In Ottawa, the Heritage Committee is studying M-103 – the poorly worded and intentionally ambiguous motion condemning so-called Islamophobia.
    • One “expert” – selected by the Trudeau Liberals to testify at this committee – suggested that we prosecute Canadians over social media posts that police deem offensive or incorrect. Yes, prosecute.
  • Meanwhile, Canada’s state broadcaster ran a news story defending Sharia law. The CBC believes that Sharia law is already in Canada, and that it’s really no big deal.

This is wrong.

Just as all Canadians deserve the same rights and freedoms, we also deserve to know the truth about Sharia law in our country.

Canadians need someone to stand up to the liberal elites; someone who isn’t afraid to tell the truth – even if it means being politically incorrect.

The True North Initiative seeks to provide that principled voice for Canadians, and to stand up for freedom at all times.

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