The CBC's Smear Job

By: Candice Malcolm

September 24, 2018

The CBC did an absolute smear job, not just on Maxime Bernier, but on all libertarians and free-market advocates in Canada.

They focused their hyper-partisan attack on a small, international organization called the Atlas Network, which helps promote free markets and the rule of law to partner organizations and activists in 80 countries.

Its total annual expenses are about $12M total. It has relationships with a handful of Canadian think tanks and zero ties to any political party in Canada.

Compare that, for instance, to the Open Society, with an annual budget of about $850M. Open Society has a former Liberal Party leader on its Global Board. Our Prime Minister meets with Open Society founder and president George Soros.

Imagine a CBC host asking Justin Trudeau question after question about his ties with Soros.

Imagine them opening an interview with a Liberal politician with a lengthy investigation of the six degrees of separation between Soros's funding, left-wing groups, and Liberal activists.

Imagine a CBC host asking Trudeau if he's worried the Liberal Party will digress into violence and anarchy, just because it shares some of the same principles as Antifa.

This report is nothing short of an ideological hit job.

The fact that Canadian taxpayers fund this garbage should be cause for concern to every fair-minded person in our country.

If you want to report like a conspiratorial left-wing regressive hack, go work at Canadaland or Press Progress.

Don't parade around like an unbiased journalist and STOP taking money from taxpayers.

Wendy Mesley, and everyone who works on this ridiculous partisan show, should be deeply ashamed.

Here's the full interview.