The Liberals can’t hide their disdain for everyday Canadians

By: Candice Malcolm

Last weekend, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna told CTV’s Evan Solomon that she has “no time for folks” who disagree with her on carbon taxes and global warming. When pressed, McKenna back-peddled and said, “I don’t have time for politicians that pretend that climate change isn’t real.”

She’s talking about Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who refuses to submit to the Trudeau’s government’s forced carbon tax. Alberta’s Jason Kenney and Ontario’s Doug Ford have committed to fighting the feds on carbon taxes if elected.

Contrary to McKenna’s dismissive comment, there’s an important difference between opposing a half-baked tax grab scheme that has no demonstrable benefits for the environment (Trudeau’s carbon taxes) and pretending “climate change isn’t real.” You can believe the global temperature is changing, even that human activity is a leading cause, and still be skeptical of Trudeau’s risky and unproven tax schemes.

Worse, McKenna pejoratively refers to her critics as “climate change deniers” — a gross reference to Holocaust deniers. McKenna thinks so lowly of Canadians who oppose her alarmist approach to climate change, she puts them in the same category as Nazi-sympathizers and Holocaust deniers. It’s pathetic.

According to Liberals in Canada, if you oppose carbon taxes, you’re a denier. If you reject Trudeau’s fake-feminism, you’re a Neanderthal, and, if you laughed at Trudeau’s “peoplekind” comment, you’re a Nazi.

These aren’t exaggerated claims, but direct quotes from top ranking members of Trudeau’s inner circle (McKenna, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and top Trudeau advisor Gerald Butts, respectively).

And let’s not forget, if you are morally opposed to abortion, even late-term abortion or sex-selected abortion, you no longer qualify for a government summer jobs fund for all Canadians.

Talk about the politics of hate and division. The Liberals are quietly targeting anyone who holds mainstream views counter to Trudeau’s Leftist agenda.

The Liberals can’t hide their disdain for everyday Canadians. The more we see from the Trudeau Liberals, the more they start to look like Liberals of the past: arrogant, self-righteous and completely out-of-touch with everyday Canadians.