The University of Alberta needs to listen to Canadians and not honour David Suzuki!

The University of Alberta has decided to grant an honorary doctorate to the infamous David Suzuki.

Thousands of Canadians have asked the University of Alberta to reconsider giving an honorary degree to David Suzuki.

But the University of Alberta President, David Turpin, has doubled down on honouring the pseudo-intellectual fraud.

Suzuki has led a malicious and decades-long campaign to demonize Alberta’s energy industry, a top employer of U of A grads.

His efforts have helped to destroy the livelihood of thousands of Canadians.

While the Left is praising this decision, Suzuki’s political and academic record is marred with scandal and dishonesty.

Suzuki pretends to be an environmentalist, but a quick examination of his career shows something totally different: a conspiracy theorist, a xenophobe, a totalitarian ideologue, a hypocrite, a pseudo-intellectual and a fraud.

Suzuki rails against free markets and the business sector while earning millions through his leftist activism.

He demands Canadians make huge sacrifices to reduce our carbon footprint while he owns multiple mansions and flies around the world.

David Suzuki is an embarrassment to Canada.

If the administrators at the University of Alberta won’t listen to Canadians, they should be removed from these position.

Sign to demand the U of A listen to Canadians and remove the University of Alberta, President, David Turpin, from his position.