Beware - today's NDP is more radical than ever

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

June 1, 2018

On the surface, for those ignorant of history and global affairs, socialism may seem compassionate. It’s sold as a remedy for inequality and a vehicle to help the least well-off among us.
But socialism’s methods — giving more power and control to the government, at the expense of individuals — has a track record that has led to plunder, poverty, starvation and death, wherever it’s been tried.
Even in Canada, a country dedicated to the rule of law, quasi-socialist governments get greedy, confiscate too much and lose sight of the fundamentals.
The hallmarks of an NDP government — whether it’s today in Western Canada, or in the past in Ontario under Premier Bob Rae — are higher taxes, out-of-control spending, sky-rocketing debt, and a business environment that chases away private investment.
I grew up in B.C. in the 1990s during an NDP reign — it was known as the “lost decade” in the province, as countless young families fled to Alberta in search of good blue-collar jobs. Families were torn apart just so NDP politicians could pursue their socialist utopia.
And today’s New Democrats are even more radical.
They’ve taken the Marxist doctrine of economic oppression — the core philosophy of socialism — and applied it to our social structure. They divide us into groups based on the identities we’re born with, including our gender and ethnicity, and create a hierarchy of victimhood.
If you’re a member of a so-called oppressed group, you get extra rights and privileges — at the expense of the so-called oppressors. Most Canadians reject this divisive identity politics, but the far-left embraces it.
If there was any doubt about the NDP’s extremism, look no further than Horwath’s motley crew of candidates.
Laura Kaminker said that wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day was “collective brainwashing” and “war glorification.” Tasleem Riaz compared Canadians soldiers in Afghanistan to “war criminals” and posted praise to Adolph Hitler on Facebook (although she now denies posting it herself, saying her account must have been hacked).
Jill Andrew said Toronto’s black Police Chief deserves a “coon award,” and Gurratan Singh, brother of federal leader Jagmeet Singh, held a sign saying “F— the Police.”
Jessica Bell wrote a pamphlet for activists calling for “economic shutdown,” “seizure of assets,” and “property destruction,” and was once arrested for participating in an illegal protest. Chandra Pasma said having a job is “dehumanizing” and Ramsey Hart has devoted his career to shutting down mining jobs in the North.
Erica Kelly said she hoped “gun nuts” would be bombed by drones, and Dwayne Morgan believes that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were orchestrated by the U.S. government.
These people don’t deserve a place in polite society, let alone a position of power in a Canadian government.
Horwath has defended these extremists, saying, “people do radical things for change.” But what kind of change would these radicals bring about?
Ontario has suffered for 15 long years under a corrupt and increasingly left-wing Liberal government. They’ve fleeced the province with reckless green energy policies, brought in a nefarious social justice school curriculum and will leave future generations with more debt than any other sub-sovereign government in the world.
Replacing the Ontario Liberals with the NDP is like going from a frying pan into the socialist hellfire.
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