Trudeau is endangering our health care system with his open borders policies!

Starting June 1, the Trudeau Liberals want to open Canada’s doors, and our hospitals, to the world’s sickest immigrants.

We’re not kidding.

First, Justin Trudeau fast-tracked Syrian refugees primarily to virtue-signal and gain positive press.

Then, Trudeau turned a blind eye to the thousands of migrants illegally entering Canada.

And now, because of the Trudeau Liberals, Canada will welcome newcomers who pose “an excessive demand on health and social services” - these are the immigration department’s own words.

To make matters worse, the Trudeau government has NO IDEA how much this decision will cost taxpayers. They didn’t even try to calculate the costs.

Further, they didn’t consider the consequences of an open invitation to people with serious illnesses around the world.

This is a reckless change.

Hard-working Canadians pay taxes their entire lives to fund social programs.

And now the Trudeau government is letting newcomers with serious illnesses and disabilities who have never paid any taxes jump to the front of the public healthcare queue.

Does this make sense to you?

Tell Trudeau - don't endanger our health care system with your open borders policies!