Trudeau's become more of a joke on the world stage

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embarrasses himself on the world stage, he embarrasses the entire country along with him.

This week, Trudeau is in New York for the annual love-in of the world’s despots, dictators, and a handful of Western liberal democratically-elected leaders — also known as the United Nations General Assembly.

Trudeau has his heart set on further roping Canada into this world of wasteful make-believe, where we all pretend that the UN has real legitimacy or exists beyond the purpose of stroking the egos of the madmen who run the world’s most regressive regimes.

Trudeau is working to get Canada a temporary seat on the UN Security Council — an immoral and corrupt institution, known for politicizing global conflicts and disproportionately singling out Israel for defending itself against terrorism while ignoring gruesome human rights abuses in neighbouring countries.

During the first day of General Assembly meetings, Trudeau quickly managed to embarrass himself. Video surfaced of a meek Trudeau trying to have a word with U.S. President Donald Trump. Trump was busy reading a document and all but ignores Trudeau, who then scurries away with his tail between his legs.

You wouldn’t know about Trudeau’s misadventures, though, from consuming news through the mainstream media.

CTV News simply reported that Trudeau is working to “re-establish Canada on the world stage.”

This is just an example of media mimicking partisan Liberal talking points, pretending that Canada disappeared from the world stage during the nine years we were run by a Conservative government. Liberal hacks repeated their favourite arrogant talking point “Canada is back” for months after Trudeau was elected.

This platitude has faded away, however, after three years of Trudeau making a fool of himself on the world stage. Canadians should have seen this coming, given Trudeau’s naive and immature foreign policy comments prior to being elected.

Trudeau said he admired China’s “basic dictatorship,” he denied the existence of countries in the Baltic Sea, and he said that Russia invaded Ukraine because Vladimir Putin was upset over the Russian hockey team losing during the Winter Olympics.

Trudeau was just getting started. As Prime Minister, he issued an absurd statement praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and describing the communist strongman as a “larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century.” The statement read like a parody, and Trudeau was widely mocked.

On the trade front, Trudeau was accused of “sabotaging” a deal with Australia and New Zealand and was a “no show” to trade meetings in Vietnam.

Trudeau went on a much-hyped trip to China to sign a free trade deal, but when he arrived, his labour and environmental clauses were firmly rejected by the Chinese and Trudeau left empty-handed.

The Trudeau government needlessly provoked Saudi Arabia on social media, causing a serious diplomatic rift that led to the Saudis severing diplomatic ties with Canada and expelling our ambassador.

Last but certainly not least, Trudeau thoroughly embarrassed himself during a junket to India that cost Canadian taxpayers at least $1.5 million and resulted in humiliating headlines throughout the international media — from ridiculous outfits to openly courting Khalistani extremists to having a convicted killer appearing at official events.

Trudeau’s poor judgment knows no boundaries.

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