Trudeau's de-radicalization approach is dangerous


(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm 

When it comes to national security, Canadians have plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the Trudeau government and its approach to protecting our safety.

Two news stories this week highlight the government’s lackluster approach to national security and show a refusal to take the necessary steps to protect Canadians from external threats. 

First, you might have heard about the 60 returned Islamist fighters who are reportedly back in Canada, causing problems to our intelligence and security agencies. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told the house of commons that there are “about 60” known jihadists who have made their way back to Canada. 

But, as reported by Postmedia’s Anthony Furey, we have reason to believe the true number is higher. That’s because the Trudeau government is using figures that are over two years old. 

As Furey explains, “Goodale appears to be referring to CSIS director Michel Coulombe’s March 2016 testimony before the standing Senate committee… that (he) offered the 60 count.” At the time, Coulombe was citing a figure from a 2015 year-end government report. 

The feds are adamant that the same number applies today, but yet there’s been no official report detailing that.

So much has changed over the past two years – the Islamic State has collapsed in Iraq and Syria, US-led forces recaptured former strongholds and we’re witnessing an exodus of foreign fighters leaving the region to return home. 

It defies logic and common sense, therefore, to say this number has remained static. And yet Goodale doubles down on his claim, saying the numbers are “essentially the same” as they were in 2015.  

This leaves us to draw one of two conclusions: the government is either misleading us about the number of ISIS terrorists in Canada, or, it’s failed to even track the number of terrorists entering the country.

Either way, it’s not a good sign. 

Second, another news story revealed that the Trudeau government isn’t just incompetent when it comes to combatting terrorism, it’s also unwilling to face the realities of war. 

Reports showed how our allies are taking tough measures to ensure militant jihadists with Western passports never return home. A UK minister explicitly stated that its strategy was “to kill them” on the battlefields in Iraq and Syria.

“Canada doesn’t believe in death squads,” said Goodale when asked if Canada takes the same approach. 

Goodale, apparently doesn’t understand the concept of war. Killing someone on the battlefield is not a “death squad” – it’s war. Literally. The objective of any war is to kill the other guys so they can’t kill you. 

And killing a person who left Canada to join ISIS, to fight and kill and commit war crimes on behalf of an enemy army, well, good riddance, they got what they signed up for. 

The Trudeau government would, bizarrely, rather work to help these maniacal war-mongers return to Canada and give them taxpayer-funded handouts in the hopes of “de-radicalization.”

This approach is beyond naive. It’s arrogant, reckless and dangerous. 

Terrorists do not deserve millions of dollars in apologies, hundreds of thousands in reintegration or tens of thousands in welfare. 

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