Trudeau's immigration and refugees policies continue to be a mess

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

September 14, 2018

The total mismanagement of our immigration and refugee system by the Trudeau government is becoming more evident every single day.

We learned this week that the Trudeau Liberals have only finalized 15% of the asylum applications of those who illegally entered Canada since 2017. We also learned that only 1.2% of illegal border crossers have thus far been deported.

The illegal border crisis is now rivaling Trudeau’s mismanaged Syrian refugee program for the Liberal government’s biggest boondoggle.

In my last column, I outlined the ways in which Trudeau’s rushed Syrian refugee program sacrificed both national security concerns and important integration programs — all in pursuit of Trudeau’s vain, self-serving partisan goals.

It was always a PR stunt for the Prime Minister; he soaked up the glowing media coverage while behind the scenes, Canada’s immigration rules were being compromised and contradicted.

Now that one of those Syrian migrants is accused of a horrific murder of a 13-year-old girl, Trudeau has remained silent; he has offered no comment, no condolences to the family dealing with an unthinkable loss.

As with the illegal border crisis, which many in the media have defended and insisted upon calling it “irregular” instead of illegal, many are torquing the facts in the Burnaby murder case to downplay this horrific crime.

Several media outlets scrubbed the fact that the accused is a Syrian refugee from their coverage, and CTV published a story about how the accused, Ibrahim Ali, was a “normal guy.”

This is reminiscent of the news coverage of Danforth shooter Faisal Hussain. After his deadly rampage, morally confused journalists called for Canadians to rally around the gunman’s family, and began to promote a narrative that the man who ruthlessly gunned down young women in a vibrant Toronto neighbourhood was the real victim.

In the case of the Burnaby murder, likewise, the church that sponsored the accused killer offered their prayers — to the alleged murderer’s family.

“Our prayers also (go) to the Ali family. We know that like many refugee families, they have endured their own suffering and loss and that this tragedy is made all the more complex by the trials they have faced.”

Even the police felt the need to defend Trudeau’s Syrian refugee program.

“I think by and large the refugees that come to this country are hard-working citizens that are very happy to be in Canada,” said an RCMP officer.

There are several problems with the statement, the first being that Syrian refugees are not Canadian citizens — not yet anyway. Next, evidence from countless news stories shows that Syrians are struggling to find work in Canada, while many marriages breaking up due to “stress” and spousal abuse.

Perhaps this is just anecdotal evidence, but as reported by Douglas Todd in the Vancouver Sun, the Trudeau government has failed to collect data or compile reports on the progress of Syrians in Canada.

We don’t know how many have learned English, found jobs or permanent housing, and we don’t know if the crime rate in this community is higher than the Canadian average.

While many Canadians will go out of their way to see the silver lining when it comes to welcoming immigrants and refugees into our communities, Trudeau and his elitist allies deserve no credit.

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