There could be dangerous long-term consequences to Trudeau’s immigration approach


(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

Canada’s prime minister doesn’t seem too concerned by the surge of illegal border crossings.

Aside from a firmly worded statement last week – reminding the world that Canada is “a country of laws” – Justin Trudeau hasn’t announced any new policies or measures to secure our borders.  

So far in 2017, upwards of 26,000 migrants have illegally entered Canada and filed asylum claims. Many of these folks have simply walked across an unpatrolled section of the border. 

Trudeau, meanwhile, continues to downplay the issue of illegal immigration and border security, insisting that everything is under control. 

At an emergency meeting with community leaders to address the recent surge, Trudeau’s focus was reportedly on “marketing Canada as an open and welcoming society.”

Ironically, the PM’s marketing stunts — misrepresenting Canada as an open-border liberal utopia — are part of the reason we’re in this mess. 

Aside from the tremendous strain on public finances and our refugee resettlement organizations, there are serious and long-terms concerns that come from neglecting immigration security.   

For decades, Europe’s approach to immigration was a lot like Justin Trudeau’s. European leaders weren’t too concerned with border checks, managing immigration or the integration of newcomers. 

Instead, official multiculturalism reigned. Newcomers were told they could maintain their own cultural practices and beliefs, and there was no impetus on learning the local language. 

Europe’s leaders insisted that all immigration was good for the economy and therefore good for Europe. When problems occurred within Europe’s closed immigrant communities, local politicians treated migrants like victims and blamed Europeans for their exclusion. 

You couldn’t design a more destructive immigration strategy if you tried. 

By 2015, Europe was a powder keg waiting for a match. And that match came in the form of German Chancellor Angela Merkel issuing an open invitation to millions of refugees. 

The large number of migrants and refugees poured into Western Europe and joined the existing migrant enclaves and closed communities. 

Today, Europe is not only a fractured society – it has an enemy within. According to recent figures from the EU’s counter-terrorism coordinator, there are now 60,000 radicalized Islamists living in Britain, France, Belgium and Spain – four countries that have recently experienced deadly Islamist terrorist attacks. 

Of Western Europe’s fanatical Islamists, 35,000 live in Britain and are committed Islamists – meaning they reject British laws and prefer instead to live under an Islamic Caliphate and sharia law. 

Three thousand are jihadists – Islamists who are committed to using violence and waging war against those who oppose their religious zealotry. Five hundred are apparently ready to strike. 

This is more than just a “worry.” It’s become a war.

Thankfully, Canada has nowhere near this level of division and isolation within our immigrant communities. 

We have plenty of advantages over Europe – namely geography and vast oceans separating us from war zones and terrorist hotbeds, but also a historic commitment to sensible immigration policies. 

Canada has always been committed to integration and making sure newcomers are welcomed into the broader Canadian community. We insist newcomers follow our laws, learn our language and adopt our core Canadian values. 

But Trudeau’s lackadaisical approach to immigration, his unwillingness to take immigration security seriously, could have dangerous and long-term consequences for Canada. 

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