MALCOLM: Trudeau's immigration approach brings us to a breaking point

(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm

December 19, 2018

It was a bit rich hearing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blame opposition Conservatives for creating a backlash against his open border policies.

During his round of year-end interviews — an unpalatable love-in between Liberals in politics and the media — Trudeau lashed out at Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives for their opposition to his reckless immigration policies.

He accused the Conservatives of spreading falsehoods about immigration and fear-mongering about the UN Global Compact on Migration — the global scheme that seeks to censor media outlets and make migration a universal human right.

Trudeau’s comments, which went unchallenged by the adoring mainstream media, are striking in their lack of self-awareness.

The reality is that the Conservatives are not responsible for the anti-immigration backlash surging in Canada. That one falls squarely on Trudeau.

In my 2016 best-selling book, Losing True North: Justin Trudeau’s Assault on Canadian Citizenship, I laid out the irresponsible policies unveiled by the Trudeau government. These included:

  • Bringing in 50,000 Syrian refugees on an artificial timeline, hastily fast-tracking people from a war zone and hotbed for Islamist terrorism and anti-Western social views, while skipping essential screening, vetting and integration programs.
  • Weakening the requirements to become a Canadian citizen, including reducing the residency requirement down to just three years, part time.
  • Eliminating language requirements for newcomers over the age of 54.
  • Boosting the number of permanent residency visas given to foreign seniors, allowing them full access to our healthcare and social systems without ever having paid into the system.
  • Scrapping an asylum seeker triage system that fast-tracked the deportation of fake refugees coming from safe countries.
  • Eliminating sections of the Citizenship Guide telling immigrants to follow Canadian laws and that barbaric cultural practices like honour killings and female genital mutilation are not tolerated in Canada.
  • And, finally, boosting the overall number of annual immigrants, without a plan to resettle or integrate large numbers of newcomers into Canadian society.

At the time, I predicted that the combination of boosting overall immigration, weakening Canadian citizenship rules, and no longer asking immigrants to learn our language, respect our traditions and adopt our values, was a recipe for disaster.

I wrote that public support for immigration would plummet, and Canada would lose the positive consensus on immigration it once enjoyed.

Over the past two years, Trudeau has pushed even more reckless immigration policies — inviting the world’s refugees to come to Canada on social media, refusing to secure our borders, eliminating health standards for immigrants, and championing the UN global compact — all while telling the New York Times magazine that Canada has “no core identity, no mainstream.”

If anyone dared to criticize Trudeau, he and his henchmen would unleash a coordinated attack.

I know, because I’ve been at the centre of them. A top Liberal figure demanded that I be fired from the Sun for reporting the truth about a Syrian refugee beating his wife. Another Trudeau cabinet minister called my opinion column “fake news” because she disagreed with my analysis.

Trudeau is too vain to see it, and the media are too biased to report the truth.

But Canadians see it. Trudeau is tearing our country apart.

His disastrous policies and his arrogant disregard for the future have led us to a breaking point. Just look at any recent public opinion poll, which show that more and more Canadians want the borders closed and immigration heavily restricted.

This is the backlash I predicted, and Trudeau has no one to blame but himself.

Candice Malcolm is the founder of the True North.