True North Initiative News Scan 01 25 2018


New citizenship guide to warn against 'abhorrent' practice of female genital mutilation

Canada's updated citizenship guide will include a warning to newcomers about the illegal practice of female genital mutilation. In a statement provided to CBC News, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen called it an "abhorrent practice" that is against the law in Canada. "While the content for the new guide is still being developed, Canadians can be assured that the new document will include information on Canada's laws against gender-based violence, including FGM," he said. (CBC)

Terror suspect Mohamed Harkat given more freedom

A judge has granted terror suspect Mohamed Harkat more freedom — though not as much as he asked for. In a judgment made public Wednesday, Federal Court Justice Sylvie Roussel gave Harkat permission to travel anywhere in Ontario or Quebec for 72 hours without notifying authorities. (Canoe) (CP24)

Islamophobia won't be the central focus of parliamentary committee's M-103 report, sources say

The parliamentary committee tasked with preparing a report on racism and religious discrimination as required by M-103, the Liberal government’s controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, is about to make its recommendations public. But after months of debate over the definition of Islamophobia and the use of the term in a motion intended to address all forms of racism, sources say Islamophobia won’t be a central focus of the M-103 report. The report’s recommendations largely don’t single out Islamophobia, say some sources with knowledge of the heritage committee’s discussions who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the report. “It’s certainly not the focus of the report,” one said, adding that Islamophobia is referenced, “but not at great length.” (National Post)

NDP blasts reproductive-rights rules for summer jobs program

The federal NDP is denouncing the Trudeau government's decision to deny summer-job funding to groups that refuse to affirm a woman's right to have an abortion, calling it unnecessary and offensive. The Liberals recently introduced the new policy to the Canada Summer Jobs program, which has provided grants to employers for years to help subsidize the cost of hiring students for summer work. (CTV)

Sheila Gunn Reid: Edmonton Mall “refugee” sexual assault trial: #MeToo feminists MIA as brave girls testify (Day 3)

It's day 3 of testimony at the West Edmonton Mall sexual assault trial of 39 year old father of six, Syrian refugee Soleiman Hajj Soleiman. Yesterday a second child witness, now 14 who was 13 at the time of the alleged assault against her, testified. She was at the waterpark with one other friend and described what happened to her that day. (Rebel)

An Iranian protester removed her head scarf and waved it in public like a flag. She hasn't been seen since

Weeks later, after Iran was shaken by the biggest anti-government protests in nearly a decade, the woman’s whereabouts are unknown. She has become the subject of a social media campaign labeled #Where_Is_She, and an anonymous symbol of opposition to what many Iranians view as the theocracy’s harsh laws against free expression. (LA Times)

Iranian Dissidents: Once I See ‘Death of This Regime … I Can Die in Peace’

Iranian dissidents, and individuals brave enough to speak with the media from within Iran, are calling for an end to the tyrannical regime they argue has left their homeland far worse off than it was before Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini seized power in 1979. Many of those speaking with Breitbart News wished to remain at least partially anonymous, withholding their last names. (Breitbart)

PC Leader Patrick Brown steps down amid sexual misconduct allegations

Ontario’s PC leader is stepping down amid allegations of sexual misconduct, dealing a severe blow to his party just months before the province heads to the polls. Patrick Brown announced the decision in a statement issued early Thursday morning, following a hastily-called news conference in which the Progressive Conservative leader “categorically” denied what he called “troubling allegations” about his conduct and his character. (Toronto Sun) (CTV)


OTHER STORIES (Domestic and International)

Parents of kids affected by no-fly list ask for meeting with Trudeau ahead of budget

Parents of children whose names closely match those on the no-fly list are asking for a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in an attempt to secure funding for a system that they say would end the ongoing delays and scrutiny their children face at airports. (Globe and Mail)

Philippines-based church has 'means and motivation' to kill refugee if returned: IRB

The Immigration and Refugee Board has found a Philippines-based church with chapters across Canada "is motivated by a vendetta" against a dissident who sought refugee status in B.C., and has "both the means and the motivation to seriously harm or kill" him, should he return to the Philippines. In accepting Lowell Menorca's claim for refugee status, an IRB panel has ruled he's "a person in need of protection from a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment and a risk to his life." (CBC)

B.C. woman says she will be persecuted for being gay if she’s deported to Cameroon

A Metro Vancouver woman fighting deportation from Canada claims that if she’s sent back to her native country of Cameroon, she’ll be beaten — and perhaps killed — because she’s gay. “[They] keep beating you and beating you maybe ’til death, because the police will not interfere in it,” said the woman, who asked to be identified as Angela. “They call that jungle justice.” (Global)

How law enforcement is struggling to control hate in an online world

Since the fatal shooting last year of six men in a Quebec City mosque, police in the province have taken a more aggressive stand against online hate speech. Within a week of the Jan. 29 shooting, three people were arrested — two in the Montreal area and one in Quebec City — and accused of making threatening comments on social media about Muslims. (CBC)

Freed Hassan Diab demands probe over 'terrorism' ordeal

"Is it possible?" Ottawa professor Hassan Diab asked himself when he heard the news. After three years and two months held in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison in a Parisian suburb, Diab - a 64-year-old Canadian - was stunned in disbelief when his lawyer finally delivered the news that he had been dreaming about for so long. (Al Jazeera)

Andrew Scheer sheds light on Sen. Lynn Beyak’s removal from Conservative caucus

The leader of the federal Conservative Party has shed more light on the decision to remove Sen. Lynn Beyak from caucus over what were termed racist and offensive letters about Indigenous people that were published on her website. Speaking to Global BC legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey, Andrew Scheer was asked whether he removed Beyak from the Conservative National Caucus over the remarks, or because she didn’t remove them from her site when he asked her to. (Global)


The briefing, of which the Chronicle did not attribute an author, instructs MPs that “there is a balance between making absolutely clear our abhorrence of using violence to achieve political ends and at the same time encouraging organizations down an effective democratic path.” (JPost)

‘Mohammed’ on Course to be Most Popular Baby Name in Germany

According to the Gesellschaft für Deutsche Sprache (Society for German Language, GfdS), often labelled as the most important language society in Germany, the name Mohammed has seen a rapid rise in popularity, though the name could be even more popular than their figures suggest, Die Welt reports. GfdS data, like many similar statistics, do not take into consideration all of the different spellings of Mohammed such as Mohamad, Mohamed, Mehmet, and others. (Breitbart)

US Navy plane swoops on Russian ship 'spotted 27 miles off US coast'

The P-8A Poseidon was launched from Naval Air Station Jacksonville to track the Russian ship, the Viktor Leonov, just 24 nautical miles (27 miles) off the coast of Nolfolk, in southeastern Virginia, according to military flight trackers. Flight monitoring data shows the P-8A, a state-of-the-art anti-submarine plane, circling at an altitude of 3,350ft just off the coast of Virginia Beach. (Daily Star)

Justice Department continues crackdown on 'sanctuary' cities

Returning to a favorite cause for President Trump and Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department on Wednesday escalated a struggle with two dozen so-called sanctuary jurisdictions, demanding records proving they are cooperating with immigration enforcement agencies. The department sent letters to 23 states, cities and counties, including California, Los Angeles and Chicago, demanding records showing whether law enforcement officers are sharing information with federal agents on the immigration status of people in their custody. (LA Times)



Candice Malcolm: Don't let them tell you it's wrong to criticize radical Islam

In 2011, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper said “Islamicism” posed the greatest threat to Canada’s national security. In the seven years since, we’ve experienced a tidal wave of unpredictable and grossly inhumane jihadist terrorist attacks across the West, including here at home. Harper was right about the rising threat of jihadists armies and emboldened Islamists. And yet, Harper’s comment was met with scorn and ridicule by Canadian elites – particularly Liberal Party politicians and leftist members of the mainstream media. (Toronto Sun)

Toronto Sun: Canadians don’t need a Liberal values test

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on with the Canada Summer Jobs Grant scandal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants us to all think like him. He is so adamant that it’s his way or the highway, that he won’t even let faith groups receive grants for summer students without literally signing on the dotted line that they’re on board with his sunny ways agenda. (Toronto Sun)

Sue-Ann Levy: Council's newest social justice warrior promotes "Islamophobia" agenda

We were already lectured about our alleged Islamophobic tendencies a little more than a year ago when controversial bus shelter ads were released during the first phase of a $400,000 ‘Toronto for All’ program. And, of course, there’s the very controversial M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion passed in the House of Commons last March. (Toronto Sun)

Sheryl Saperia: A fast way to keep extremist influence out of our schools

The Trudeau government says countering radicalization is a foundational component of Canada’s national security policy. Indeed, it has established the new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence. The government should therefore be pleased with the recent introduction of Bill C-371, the Prevention of Radicalization through Foreign Funding Act, which is an excellent complement to its efforts in this area. (National Post)

David Lesperance: How to fix Canada’s ‘Ghost Immigrant’ fraud problem

On January 4, 2018, in her ruling in the Fu v. Zhu case, Madame Justice Griffin of the B.C. Supreme Court detailed a sordid tale of immigration and tax misrepresentations undertaken by both litigants. This included falsifying rental and employment agreements to support a fraudulent claim of physical presence for immigration purposes and a multimillionaire declaring less than $100 in worldwide income on his Canadian tax return. (Macleans)



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