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'Peoplekind': Trudeau corrects woman for saying mankind

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making international headlines after telling a woman, “we like to say peoplekind” in place of “mankind” at a town hall in Edmonton on Feb. 1. (Toronto Sun) (National Post) (Guardian)

Justin Trudeau’s ‘peoplekind’ remark draws ridicule in U.S. and U.K. media

An offhand remark during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s town hall tour has drawn international ire from the conservative media. “Fox and Friends” is among the outlets seizing on video footage of Trudeau interrupting a woman who used the term “mankind” during her question. The remark came last Thursday during Trudeau’s town hall in Edmonton, when a Canadian asked him to look into conservative religious policies. (Global)

Gender persecution the top reason women seek asylum in Canada

Gender persecution includes practices such as forced marriage and female genital mutilation, as well as domestic abuse at the hands of a partner or family member, which accounted for half of the claims in the data obtained by CBC. A CBC News investigation reveals more than 15 per cent of female asylum seekers who arrived in this country in the past five years said they did so to escape persecution for being a woman. It's the most common reason women seek refuge in Canada, ahead of religious, ethnic or political persecution. (CBC)

Acceptance rate for asylum seekers in Canada at a 27-year high

Canada is accepting a higher proportion of asylum seekers than it has at any time in nearly three decades, a CBC News investigation has found. CBC obtained almost 90,000 asylum claim decisions made by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada between January 2013 and September 2017. The decisions indicate where each asylum seeker comes from, why they said they had to flee their homeland and whether their bid to stay in Canada was successful. (CBC) (CBC)

Monsef still travelling while citizenship being cleared up

Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm wrote on Sunday that it means Monsef is travelling on a passport containing false information, and she called on Monsef or her government to "clarify the situation." Malcolm wrote that while it's possible Monsef is travelling on a diplomatic passport, even those contain information such as nationality, date of birth and place of birth. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not comment on individual cases for privacy reasons, states an email to The Examiner from a spokesperson. (Peterborough Examiner)

Feds trying to stop sexual misconduct lawsuit against Canadian Forces

The Trudeau government is trying to quash a class-action lawsuit that alleges rampant sexual misconduct and gender discrimination within the Canadian Armed Forces, CTV News has learned. Plaintiffs in the case allege systemic sexual harassment, sexual assault and discrimination. (CTV)

‘Most wanted’ list of ISIS’ most feared commanders released… proving the terror group is still producing waves of fanatics ready to fill the boots of dead leaders

The list names 14 dangerous fugitives linked to ISIS - also known as Daesh. At the top of the most wanted chart is al-Baghdadi, who declared himself Caliph in 2014 after ISIS seized control of swathes of Syria and Iraq including oil city Mosul. He is listed under his real name Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai. Al-Baghdadi's second in command Abu Alaa al-Afari is identified by his real name Abdel-Rahman al-Qaduli. (

Iran’s hijab protesters remain defiant in prison: rights group

Though facing potentially lengthy prison terms, women arrested for removing their headscarf have refused to express penitence for what is an illegal act in Iran. “Ms. Hosseini did not even appear in court to express remorse for her action. She said she objects to the forced hijab and considers it her legal right to express her protest,” Nasrin Sotoudeh, lawyer for Narges Hosseini, 32, told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI). (Rudaw)


OTHER STORIES (Domestic and International)

Justin Trudeau vs Justin Trudeau: a brief history of a prime minister and his (epic) gaffes

Justin Trudeau, one-time dramatic arts teacher and current Canadian Prime Minister, has been on a cross-country odyssey of late, holding town halls and fielding questions from Joe Public. The frank, open, and revealing format has revealed several things about Trudeau, including, perhaps, that he doesn’t always think before he speaks, or if he does, he would be wise (smart?) to think again. Below, we offer a brief history of the handsome Liberal politician whose foot is never far removed from his mouth. (National Post)

Rempel urges action against female genital mutilation

Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel is urging the federal government to stop practitioners of female genital mutilation (FGM) from coming to Canada and to prevent girls from being taken abroad to undergo the illegal procedure. “It’s something that’s not often talked about and many survivors carry shame with it,” Rempel said in the foyer of the House of Commons (IPolitics)

Manitoba MLA calls asylum-seeker claims a 'drain on society' in Twitter reply

A member of the Manitoba Legislature is facing criticism for a comment he made on social media in which he referred to claims made by asylum seekers in Canada as a "drain on society." Shortly before 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 31, Progressive Conservative MLA Cliff Graydon (Emerson) replied to a tweet about asylum seekers' claims in Canada that referred to claimants as "illegals." Graydon replied to the tweet, saying, "Drain on society. (CBC)

Fitness changes, paying debts among CSIS's 'indicators' someone is 'mobilized to violence'

Changing up a fitness routine, getting rid of personal belongings and repaying debts are among a list of signs Canada's spy agency says could show someone is taking steps toward terrorist activity — but the public should be wary of these so-called "indicators," says one expert on radicalization. (CBC)

ISIS on your doorstep: Meet Mosul Eye, the man who defied the terrorists to save his city

Omar Mohammed remembers two things from the day his city fell to ISIS: the black flag of the terrorists, and his mother's face. "She was so afraid," he said, "but in the same time she was pretending to be strong enough to encourage me, and my brothers and sisters, to not be scared." If her aim was to inspire courage in her children, it worked for Mohammed. (CBC)

'The truth will come out,' Patrick Brown says

Ontario MPP Patrick Brown resurfaced on social media Tuesday, his first tweet since resigning as leader of the Progressive Conservatives over sexual misconduct allegations. “I am immensely grateful for all the support expressed to my family and myself,” he tweeted. “#metoo can be a tool to lift society and I applaud that effort. False allegations however undermine that good work. The truth will come out. Thank you to all.” (Toronto Sun)

Trump demands fix for immigration loopholes: 'I'd love to see a shutdown if we don't see this stuff taken care of'

President Trump slammed longstanding U.S. immigration policies Tuesday for loopholes by which criminal aliens and illegal immigrants are able to beat the system and avoid deportation, and said he's willing to entertain another government shutdown in order to fix them. "Not another country in the world has the stupidity of laws that we do when it comes to immigration," Trump said during a White House roundtable on the MS-13 gang Tuesday afternoon. (Washington Examiner)

ISIS-loving, wannabe terrorist college student in NY gets 20 years in prison

An ISIS-loving Queens, N.Y., college student who planned terror attacks on Big Apple landmarks will spend almost two decades behind bars, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday. Munther Omar Saleh, 22, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and 10 years’ supervised release in Brooklyn federal court after pleading guilty last year to conspiring to help the jihadist group and assaulting a federal law enforcement officer. (FOX)

Everything You Need to Know About Israel's Mass Deportation of Asylum Seekers

In a controversial move that has made the news domestically and abroad, Israel began sending out deportation notices to thousands of African asylum seekers this week. It is giving them a stark choice: leave the country or face going to prison for an indefinite period. This is the culmination of over a decade of the government trying to get a handle on the issue. It calls the asylum seekers “infiltrators” because they entered the country illegally, and claims most are economic migrants. However, the Africans say they are fleeing persecution in their homelands and are entitled to refugee status. (Haaretz)

Illegal immigrant deported 44 times in 15 years tops feds’ list

He is the world’s most persistent illegal immigrant: One Mexican managed to get deported 44 times in 15 years — which means he also managed to sneak back across the border at least that many times. The runner-up was ousted 40 times from 2001 to 2015. No. 3, 4 and 5 on the list were deported 35, 34 and 31 times, respectively, according to data provided to The Washington Times by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Washington Times)

Denmark poised to ban Islamic full-face veils

The Danish government is poised to become the next European country to introduce a ban on Islamic full-face coverings in public places. The government said it planned to fine people who wore items including the burqa and the niqab which are worn by some Muslim women. Under the proposals anyone found covering their face would be fined 1,000 kroner (£120), or up to 10,000 kroner (£1,200) if they are repeatedly caught. (



Anthony Furey: Doug Ford pledges to tackle carbon tax, find efficiencies and send insiders packing

If Doug Ford becomes premier of Ontario, he plans to axe the carbon tax, tackle sole-sourced deals, reduce spending by at least 2% and send insiders packing. “I’m going to clean that place out with sanitizers like they’ve never seen before,” Ford, current candidate for Ontario PC Party leader, said Tuesday on the SiriusXM Canada morning show, National Post Radio. “The people are fed up with all the backroom deals, soul-sourced deals. I always say Queen’s Park is corrupt from the top to the bottom,” Ford said, as he went on to provide the most detail to date on what an Ontario governed by the Ford Nation flag bearer would look like. (Toronto Sun)

Tarek Fatah: As MPs look for Islamophobia, mosques continue promoting intolerance

Reading the much-awaited report by the Parliamentary Committee on Canadian Heritage on Islamophobia in Canada, it seemed to me I had been talking to a brick wall on Sept. 20 when I made a presentation to the Liberal Party-dominated group. Addressing the disinterested MPs, I dismissed the term “Islamophobia” as “a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons,” yet acknowledged the existence of anti-Muslim bigotry in some margins of Canadian society. (Toronto Sun)

Rouhlat Ali: The Kurds need Canada: What level of atrocity won’t we ignore?

Turkey's military operation – tellingly dubbed "Operation Olive Branch" – launched on Jan. 20, with more than 100 air strikes and an aggressive ground offensive dismantling the Northern Syrian city. Turkey claims that this is a protectionist offensive, one that seeks to combat the Kurdish military group, YPG/YPJ, also known as the People's Defence Units, which it considers a terrorist group. (Globe and Mail)

Andrew Egger: 64 Americans went to fight with ISIS. What do we do with them now?

When the young Muslim known as “Mo” decided he could no longer live in America, the Islamic State wasn’t his destination of choice. Initially, he said, he wanted to migrate to Saudi Arabia to study at the University of Medina—but he couldn’t get in. A diet of online propaganda convinced him the state was “a good Islamic community to raise a family.” So in 2014, he hopped a plane to Istanbul, and set off to join the caliphate. (Weekly Standard)



  • Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security meets tomorrow to study Bill C-59, An Act Respecting National Security Matters (Public)
  • Standing Committee on National Defence meets tomorrow to study Canada’s involvement in NATO (Public)
  • Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration meet tomorrow for a Briefing on Resettlement Issues Related to Yazidi Women and Girls (In Camera)
  • Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development meet tomorrow for a Briefing on Canada’s Foreign Policy Priorities (Public)