True North Initiative News Scan 03 12 2018


Canadian pledged allegiance to ISIS and vowed to kill in messages on prison cell wall, U.S. prosecutors say

U.S. prosecutors want a Canadian who plotted terrorist attacks in New York City for the so-called Islamic State to serve a life sentence due to the “depravity and extraordinary seriousness” of his crimes. A report filed in U.S. district court on Friday ahead of Abdulrahman El-Bahnasawy’s sentencing said a harsh prison term was needed to deter others from plotting attacks against the United States. (Global)

Ralph Goodale says Toronto’s Union Station was targeted in foiled 2016 terror plot

Goodale also asked those in attendance to think of the officers who stopped suspected terrorist Aaron Driver "before he could attack Union Station in Toronto." It was the first time Union Station was confirmed as Driver's target. Driver died in 2016 during an altercation with RCMP officers in Strathroy, Ont., after they were tipped to a martyrdom video made by someone planning an attack using homemade explosive devices. (Globe and Mail) (CBC)

Freeland told India Atwal invite was 'an honest mistake'

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told her Indian counterpart that Jaspal Atwal’s invitation to an event during the government's official trip to India in February was "an honest mistake." Atwal, who was convicted of trying to kill an Indian cabinet minister in 1986, made international headlines over his attendance at a Mumbai event attended by officials from Canada’s delegation, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and members of the Liberal government. (CTV)

Sikh Canadians dismayed by extremism allegations following Justin Trudeau's India visit

The problem, said several outspoken and politically active Sikh Canadians, is that there is no hard evidence of rising radicalism in the community. Incidents such as Air India and the murder of Indo-Canadian journalist Tara Singh Hayer happened decades ago, and those who support an independent nation known as Khalistan today do not advocate violence, they say. (National Post)

PCs would win next Ontario election despite voters’ dislike of Doug Ford, poll finds

Almost half of Ontario voters disapprove of Doug Ford as leader of the Progressive Conservatives, but the party is still poised to win a majority in the upcoming provincial election, according to a new public opinion poll. Of the 923 Ontario voters surveyed Sunday by the Forum Poll, 48 per cent said they disapprove of Doug Ford, 36 per cent said they approve and 16 per cent said they don’t know. (Toronto Star)

Menzies: The Rebel kicked out of Ontario PC Leadership Convention!

The Rebel wanted to cover today's Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership Convention firsthand. Just one hitch: The PC elites didn’t want us there. So it was that security and the police were summoned and The Rebel Media crew was frogmarched off the property. (Rebel)

Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change

In a recent post on Twitter, Catherine McKenna, the 47-year-old Trudeau appointee from Canada’s Liberal Party, called on followers to “consider the gendered impacts of climate change on women, girls and children” while praising Canada’s leadership in training “women negotiators” in the fight against manmade global warming. (Brietbart)

Federal Court asked to spare former clients of immigration consultant fraudster

Former clients of an unlicensed consultant convicted in one of Canada’s biggest immigration scams have asked the court to spare them from being removed from Canada for “misrepresentation.” In a proposed class action application filed with the Federal Court last week, Chao Yuan Lin and Xiang Zhou — two of Xun “Sunny” Wang’s former clients — said evidence at the man’s criminal trial indicated “Wang or his staff committed immigration fraud and not their clients.” (Toronto Star)

China Banking Crisis Warning Signal Still Flashing, BIS Says

China, Canada and Hong Kong are among the economies most at risk of a banking crisis, according to early-warning indicators compiled by the Bank for International Settlements. Canada -- whose economy grew last year at the fastest pace since 2011 -- was flagged thanks to its households’ maxed-out credit cards and high debt levels in the wider economy. Household borrowing is also seen as a risk factor for China and Hong Kong, according to the study. (Bloomberg)

Anti-Hijab Protest in Iran Picking Up Steam Despite Arrests

There is a growing movement among the women of Iran to defy authorities and remove their headscarves, or hijabs. Women remove their hijabs in the street and attach them to poles, waving them like flags. Some post their defiant acts on social media. (PJ Media)


OTHER STORIES (Domestic and International)

How chaos and 3,000 disputed ballots derailed the Ontario PCs' plans to smoothly announce new leader

Up to that point, the Ontario party was finally ready to turn the page on one of the most chaotic periods in its history. Just 44 days earlier, they had lost a leader to scandal and now, after mudslinging between four candidates for a month, hundreds of the PCs supporters had gathered in a Markham hotel convention centre and were ready to put it all behind them. (Globe and Mail)

Upcoming gun bill ‘scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus,’ and Trudeau’s response to Harvey’s concerns puts a chill on backbenchers, say Liberals

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s angry response to a rural MP’s concerns raised at a recent national caucus meeting on the Hill over the government’s upcoming gun legislation did not go over well with some Liberal MPs who say it will have a “chilling” effect on their ability to speak candidly at the closed-door meetings. (Hill Times)

Trudeau Liberals axe funding for blind and vision-impaired books

Starting April 1, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), which is Canada’s largest producer of accessible and alternate-format books, will no longer receive government funding for converting conventional books into accessible formats. The news comes nine days before the CNIB is set to celebrate its 100th anniversary. (Global)

Jordan Peterson Joins Prager, Carolla in 'No Safe Spaces' Doc

What do Jordan Peterson, Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager have in common? They all worship at the altar of common sense. And that makes them targets in our politically correct age. Only the trio refuses to stay silent. Now, they're joining forces as part of a new documentary revealing how Leftist agitators are assaulting free speech on campuses nationwide. Their rage is escalating, and sooner or later someone could get hurt. (Daily Wire)

For poor Venezuelans, a box of food may sway vote for Maduro

A bag of rice on a hungry family's kitchen table could be the key to Nicolas Maduro retaining the support of poor Venezuelans in May's presidential election. For millions of Venezuelans suffering an unprecedented economic crisis, a monthly handout of a box of heavily-subsidized basic food supplies by Maduro's unpopular government has offered a tenuous lifeline in their once-prosperous OPEC nation. (Yahoo)

New attacks spark concerns about Iranian cyber threat

Experts are sounding the alarm about new cyber activity from Iran, as hackers become more emboldened and skilled at carrying out surveillance operations and other attacks outside the country’s borders. In recent years, Iran-linked hacker groups have showed signs of growing sophistication, expanding their cyber tool kits and stepping up operations against new international targets, including in the Middle East and the United States. (The Hill)

China Scraps Presidential Term Limits

China’s parliament voted to repeal presidential term limits, allowing President Xi Jinping to keep power indefinitely in a formal break from succession rules set up after Mao Zedong’s turbulent rule. All but five of the almost 3,000 National People’s Congress deputies present Sunday supported the measure to strike a constitutional provision barring the president from serving more than two consecutive terms. The amendment -- announced by the Communist Party two weeks ago -- removes the only barrier keeping Xi, 64, from staying on after his expected second term ends in 2023. (Bloomberg)

Hong Kong democracy movement loses ground in key by-election

Hong Kong pro-democracy candidates won back only two of four seats in a crucial by-election in the semiautonomous Chinese region, final results showed Monday. The opposition wasn't able to recapture all its territory, losing some to formidably resourced pro-Beijing rivals and falling short of the number needed to veto most bills in the city's semi-democratic Legislative Council. (Yahoo)

California here he comes! Trump will head to state he loves to hate as he inspects border-wall prototypes and headlines Beverly Hills fundraiser that costs up to $250,000 per person

Donald Trump is coming – at last – to the state he loves to hate, setting foot in California for his first time as president. This is turf he lost to Democrat Hillary Clinton by more than 4 million votes in 2016. He has mocked its judges for blocking his agenda, sued over its lax enforcement of immigration laws and threatened to pull out federal agents. (Daily Mail)

High school student is charged with planting 'weapon of mass destruction in the cafeteria' after 'desecrating American flag and raising the ISIS banner in its place'

A student who is believed to have pledged allegiance to ISIS has been arrested for allegedly bringing a 'weapon of mass destruction' onto the campus of a high school. The St. George Police Police Department said it has charged the adolescent for the manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, with more charges possibly to come for criminal mischief. (Daily Mail)



Candice Malcolm: Atwal's learning the hard way that some crimes are unforgivable

Some crimes can’t be forgiven, and convicted Khalistani terrorist Jaspal Atwal is learning this the hard way. Atwal was found guilty of attempted murder, for a 1986 assassination attempt the judge described as an act of terror. He was flung back into the news last month when he showed up in India, as part of Trudeau’s delegation — with an official invitation and all. On Thursday, Atwal held a press conference to denounce his terrorist past. Let’s just say, it didn’t go well. (Toronto Sun)

Anthony Furey: Doug Ford just defied conventional wisdom, and he could do it again in June

People reasoned that his support was isolated to the Etobicoke region of Toronto, the Ford Nation stronghold. He’d never be able to get cross-provincial support. Yet when I put this question to him in February, he just shrugged it off and said they were going out on the road. He never tried to win the air war, getting gushing media profiles and prominent TV spots, so flew largely off the radar of the tastemakers out there. But what do they know, they’re mostly progressives anyway? (Toronto Sun)

Conrad Black: Canada’s Trudeau Teeters After Debacle Of His Visit to India

Coming on the heels of the “peoplekind” fiasco, the visit to India has created a worldwide credibility problem for this government, which was compounded by the prime minister’s unintelligible babbling over the U.S. steel and aluminum tariff issue. (Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, on the other hand, was admirably sensible and balanced in her response.) (NY Sun)

Toronto Sun: North Korea talks matter for Canada as well

There is reason to be cautiously optimistic about U.S. President Donald Trump’s upcoming meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Kim already developed some nuclear capability and strives for more. That’s bad for world peace. Trump has in turn threatened to unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen” unless Kim abandons nukes. While most people — including Trump — would prefer to avoid a military option, an unstable rogue state like North Korea cannot be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. (Toronto Sun)

Adrienne Batra: Welcome to Ford Nation

In the end, there was no balloon drop,  there was no party, there was no picture of unity. But it didn’t matter, the PC Party of Ontario has chosen Doug Ford to lead them into the next election —  a rather fitting end to a tumultuous few weeks. After a long day of drama, what should have been a straightforward reading of the results turned out to be yet another twist on the road to take the helm of the PC Party. (Toronto Sun)

Rex Murphy: The contemptible concept of 'white privilege' is just ugly, angry racism

There is much to choose from this week, including the infantile wailing and moronic ignorance of social-justice hooligans driven crazy mad (Pavlovian response) by Jordan Peterson giving a lecture, by invitation, at Queen’s University. (Three cheers for Queen’s president and the law faculty for inviting Dr. Peterson.) (National Post)



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