True North Initiative News Scan 11 02 2017


Canada to Admit Almost a Million Immigrants Over Next Three Years

Canada will admit almost 1 million new immigrants over the next three years in a bid to spur economic growth and innovation, and bolster the country’s aging population. The country will gradually increase immigration levels beginning next year, aiming to admit 310,000 new permanent residents in 2018, 330,000 in 2019 and 340,000 in 2020, according to a government press release. The ministry is aiming for permanent residents to trend towards 1 percent of the population by 2020, with about 60 percent of the increase over that three-year period coming from the “economic” category, the release said. (Bloomberg) (Global) (Globe and Mail) (FOX) (CBC) (Toronto Star)

One month later, no terrorism charges in Edmonton terror attack

The attack started when a man driving a white Chevrolet Malibu careened through a police checkpoint outside a Saturday night football game, knocking a police constable to the ground and attacking him with a flurry of blows with a knife. It ended a few hours later, when police flipped a U-Haul truck used by the same suspect to crash through pedestrians along Jasper Avenue. One woman remains in hospital, but remarkably, no one was killed. (Canoe)

Morneau pays $200 fine under Conflict of Interest Act

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has paid a fine under the Conflict of Interest Act. A notice quietly posted to the ethics commissioner’s website recently details the two sections of the act the embattled senior Liberal minister has been penalized for violating. Both penalties are related to Morneau’s failure to disclose his directorship in the corporation that owns his French villa and an estimate of its value. The violation comes with a $200 fine, which the public notice marks as “paid.” (Toronto Sun)

With second trip to Tehran, feds inch closer to re-establishing diplomatic ties with Iran

In mid-October Canadian officials travelled to Tehran for the second set of talks with Iranian officials since Canada cut ties with the country five years ago, possibly signalling forward momentum in the fraught relationship between the two countries. But officials, advocates, and former diplomats suggest Canada is still is a long way off from re-establishing those ties. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) said during the 2015 election campaign he hoped Canada “would be able to reopen its mission” and he was “fairly certain that there are ways to re-engage.” (Hill Times)

New York truck attack suspect charged with terrorism offense, FBI says he plotted to carry out attack for ISIS

Federal authorities on Wednesday charged the 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant they say plowed a rented truck into people walking and cycling on a New York City bike path — killing eight — with providing support to a terrorist organization, alleging that he was inspired by the Islamic State to inflict mayhem and chose Halloween because he figured there would be more people on the street. In court papers, federal authorities said that Sayfullo Saipov told the FBI that he began planning his attack a year ago, though he settled on using a truck as a weapon only two months prior. (Washington Post) (National Post) (Daily Mail)

Trump Calls Terrorism Trial Process ‘a Joke,’

In discussing the Manhattan truck attack with his cabinet on Wednesday, President Trump denounced the American criminal justice system as “a laughingstock” and “a joke” that is too weak to deter terrorism and too slow to mete out punishment. Experts, however, said the United States is tougher on terrorism than most other nations, and they called Mr. Trump’s claim that extremists who launch attacks on American soil “go through court for years” an exaggeration. But the president barreled ahead in a Twitter post minutes before midnight Wednesday, already assuming the guilt of the suspect in the Manhattan attack, Sayfullo Saipov, and advocating his execution. (NY Times) (SCMP) (Daily Mail)

New York truck attack suspect 'spent a year planning'

The main suspect in the New York truck rampage that killed eight people on Tuesday has told investigators he began planning the attack a year ago. Sayfullo Saipov, 29, said he intended to kill as many people as possible and "felt good" about the Halloween attack. The Uzbek immigrant, who faces federal terrorism charges, says he was inspired by so-called Islamic State. He was shot and injured by police at the scene. (BBC)

New Delhi police make arrest in alleged plot to assassinate Canadian columnist Tarek Fatah

Police in Delhi made an arrest Tuesday in connection with an alleged plot to kill Tarek Fatah, a Canadian writer and controversial critic of Islamism whose recent rise to fame in India has earned him both admirers and death threats. Delhi police suggested one of the top-ranking members of D-Company, a notorious organized crime outfit in India, ordered two men to kill “a writer and well-known TV personality.” Local media reported that the target was Fatah, a Toronto Sun columnist. (Postmedia owns both the Sun and the National Post.) (National Post)


OTHER STORIES (Domestic and International)

PoCo mosque to get $53k from federal government in spite of Revenue Canada concerns

The Port Coquitlam mosque that was recently cited for financial irregularities — and possible ties to overseas funders linked to militant Islamist group Hamas — is expected to receive a $53,000 grant from the federal government this week. The funds are part of a program launched by the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness designed to improve security for communities at risk of hate-motivated crimes. According to a ministry spokesperson, the money will be used to purchase and install CCTV cameras and an alarm system at the Masjid Alhidayah and Islamic Cultural Centre on Kingsway Avenue. (Tri City News)

Canada about to unveil first set of Magnitsky sanctions on Venezuelans, Russians, official says

Canada will “quite soon” flex new legal muscles created by its recent passage of Magnitsky law to sanction individuals in both Venezuela and Russia, a Canadian government official confirms. A third, unnamed nationality may also be represented in this “first tranche” of sanctions against individuals accused of being human rights abusers, the official told the Post Wednesday. (National Post)

Russian whistleblower's family thanks Canada for standing up to global corruption with Magnitsky Act

The widow and son of a Russian whistleblower, whose death in a Moscow prison has come to symbolize the growing chasm between the West and the Kremlin, said they came to Canada to thank the country for pushing ahead with legislation targeting corrupt foreign officials worldwide. Last month, despite fierce opposition from Moscow, Canada became the fourth country to adopt human rights legislation inspired by Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian tax consultant who died in pre-trial detention eight years ago after helping to expose a giant tax-fraud scheme allegedly perpetrated by law enforcement officials in Russia. These same officials then charged Magnitsky with tax evasion. (CBC)

Stopping vehicle terror attacks in Vancouver requires intelligence and vigilance: experts

After eight people were killed during a terrorist attack Tuesday in New York, when a driver slammed his rental truck into a crowd of pedestrians and cyclists, experts say monitoring such violence globally and careful planning locally are key to preventing it in B.C. Vehicles have been used as weapons against civilians at least 10 times since July 14 last year, when a man drove a cargo truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, killing 86 people and injuring at least 450 more. (Vancouver Sun)

Trudeau and ethics czar at odds over conflict-of-interest loophole

The federal ethics watchdog and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau disagree over how many cabinet ministers are currently using a conflict-of-interest loophole to avoid divesting personal investments or putting them in a blind trust. Mary Dawson says a number of Liberal cabinet ministers hold controlled assets indirectly, but Mr. Trudeau contends that only beleaguered Finance Minister Bill Morneau does, and that he is now in the process of selling shares in Morneau Shepell and setting up a blind trust. (Globe and Mail)

How a $112K Tesla put the Liberals on the defensive over emissions testing

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna drives a plug-in hybrid — a Toyota Prius, to be precise. We know this because she tweeted about it earlier this week, along with a stock photo of a plugged-in Prius. It was all part of the government’s quick response to a single screenshot, an image of a year-old document circulating on Twitter that seemed to show the government had been busily buying up luxury cars. (National Post)

Payette takes on climate change deniers and horoscopes at science conference

One month into her new job as Canada's Governor General, Julie Payette is taking on fake news and bogus science. Payette was the keynote speaker at the ninth annual Canadian Science Policy Convention in Ottawa Wednesday night where she urged her friends and former colleagues to take responsibility to shut down the misinformation about everything from health and medicine to climate change and even horoscopes that has flourished with the explosion of digital media. (CTV)

‘Recognise 1984 riots as genocide’: Jagmeet Singh-led oppn tells Canada govt

Canada’s opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), now led by Jagmeet Singh, has asked the government to “recognise” the 1984 riots in India following the assassination of prime minister Indira Gandhi as “genocide”. Making a statement in the House of Commons to mark the 33rd anniversary of the outbreak of violence in Delhi and other parts of India, NDP’s parliamentary leader Guy Caron, said: “Both the Delhi Assembly and the Ontario Legislature have recognised these atrocities as genocide. I stand in this place in hopes that someday soon, the House of Commons and this government will do the same.” (Hindustan Times)

Diversity green card lottery: Golden ticket for huddled masses

The green card lottery that President Donald Trump wants to end has for 22 years been a golden ticket for the proverbial huddled masses chasing the American Dream. Every October, around 14 million would-be immigrants around the world apply for permanent legal US residency through the Diversity Visa Lottery. The programme - known around the world as the green card lottery - has since 1995 granted visas to around one million people with no ties to the US. (BBC)

The far-right thinks antifa is planning to start a civil war in the U.S. this weekend

For anyone logging time on the far right corners of the internet, this coming Saturday is not just another autumn weekend but the potential start date of an apocalyptic showdown. Infowars has warned “Antifa Plans ‘Civil War’ to Overthrow the Government.” The John Birch Society put out two recent videos warning Americans to “stay home and tell your children to do likewise” on Saturday. YouTuber “A Glock Fanboy” notched more than 400,400 views for a clip raising the alarm about “the first day of the revolution or whatnot.” (National Post)

U.S. senators reach agreement on new North Korea sanctions

Republican and Democratic U.S. senators on Wednesday said they agreed on a new package of sanctions on North Korea, and that the Senate Banking Committee would act on the legislation next week, while President Donald Trump is on his first trip to Asia since taking office. Among other measures, the “Otto Warmbier Banking Restrictions Involving North Korea Act of 2017,” named after a U.S. student who died after he was imprisoned in North Korea, would strengthen and expand existing sanctions and strengthen Congress’ oversight of North Korea sanctions. (Global)

CIA releases thousands of new files, videos from Osama bin Laden raid

Never-before-seen video of Osama bin Laden‘s son and potential successor was released Wednesday by the CIA in a trove of material recovered during the May 2011 raid that killed the al-Qaida leader at his compound in Pakistan. The video offers the first public look at Hamza bin Laden as an adult. Until now, the public has only seen childhood pictures of him. (Global)



Candice Malcolm: Trudeau's approach to immigration has failed

A quick scan of the news tells us everything we need to know about our failed approach to immigration, integration and protecting national security. A terrorist attack on Halloween in New York City, murdering eight and injuring 11; the accused a radicalized Muslim migrant who came to the U.S. in 2010 and appears to have ISIS connections. Closer to home, a report reminds us 180 individuals connected to Canada went overseas to fight alongside terrorist armies. At least 60 of these jihadists have quietly returned to Canada. (Toronto Sun)

Anthony Furey: Finally, Canada is locking up homegrown jihadists

A Canadian has been sentenced to jail time for travelling abroad with the intent to join a terror group. It’s great news that is long overdue and hopefully a sign that the federal justice system is about to toughen up on a file that’s been troublingly lacklustre in recent years. Ontario man Kevin Omar Mohamed was sentenced to 4.5 years on Tuesday for travelling to Syria in 2014 to join Jabhat Al-Nusrah, a terror group related to al-Qaeda. (Ottawa Sun)

Michelle Malkin: Allahu Akbar-itis, America's deadly and debilitating disease

With blood still fresh on the pavement in Manhattan after Tuesday’s outbreak of Allahu Akbar-itis that took at least eight innocent lives, Palestinian-American propagandist and Hamas cheerleader Linda Sarsour tweeted: “Every believing Muslim says Allahu Akbar every day during prayers. We cannot criminalize ‘God is great.’” Rice University sociologist Dr. Craig Considine mourned: “It begins. CNN reports murderer said “Allahu Akbar.” Queue the Islamophobia.” (Toronto Sun)

Ezra Levant: What North America can learn from the UK's Islamification

The British establishment is advising citizens to get used to the terrorist attacks occurring across western Europe, while the police silence and harass anybody who dares to speak out against Islamism. The presence of sharia gangs and courts is already growing in unassimilable Islamic parallel societies, and I fear that this will begin to happen in Canada. It's why we at The Rebel believe it's so important to bring the truth about what's happening in Britain to North American audiences. (Rebel)

Toronto Sun: Lone wolves? Nope, jihadists are a pack

Canadians are mourning alongside our American friends, family and neighbours following the tragic news Tuesday evening of the lower Manhattan terrorist attack. Terror-inspired vehicular attacks aren’t unknown to us here. Canadian Forces Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent was killed, and another soldier injured in 2014, after 25-year-old radicalized Muslim convert, Martin Rouleau (whose Facebook page identified him as Ahmad LeConverti or Ahmad the Converted) rammed them in a Quebec shopping centre parking lot. (Toronto Sun)

Lorne Gunter: An ideological quarantine would help deal with jihadists

If a Canadian citizen went to an Ebola hotspot, the federal government would likely quarantine him or her when they returned to this country until it was determined they were no threat to pass the virus on to the general population. Even if the Canadian went with the best of intentions – as a missionary or aide worker, a doctor or nurse – we would rightfully expect Health Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency to guard the rest of us from deadly infection by keeping the returnee in isolation until officials were convinced he or she was safe. (Toronto Sun)

Campbell Clark: Justin Trudeau rolls the dice on immigration

Justin Trudeau's Liberal government is doing something no Canadian government has done for decades: It is gambling on a lot more immigration. There should be no doubt that it is a gamble. On the day that U.S. President Donald Trump was responding to a terrorist attack in New York by blaming the immigration system, exploiting resentment there, the Liberals were saying Canada needs more immigrants. And don't think that's because it's a slam-dunk political winner with new Canadians: Polls show first-generation immigrants are not much keener on expanded immigration than those born here. (Globe and Mail)

John Ivison: Little concern from politicians as Environment Canada buys ultimate vehicles for testing

Rebel Media has made a habit of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory but never more so than when it ran a story last fall about the federal Environment Department purchasing a number of expensive cars. The story was a genuine scoop that resurfaced on Twitter this week and is causing indigestion in the upper reaches of the Trudeau government. (National Post)



-       Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration meet today to study M-39, Immigration to Atlantic Canada

-       Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development meet later today to study Bill C-47: An Act to amend the Export and Import Permits Act and the Criminal Code

-       Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security meet later today to study the Use of Ion Mobility Spectrometers by Correctional Services Canada