When it comes to this border crisis, Trudeau only has himself to blame

By: Candice Malcolm

May 4, 2018

The crisis of illegal border crossing continues to get worse, and the Trudeau government continues to shrug its shoulders and try to direct blame elsewhere.

In question period, Justin Trudeau tried to blame former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the recent surge of migrants crossing illegally into Quebec to make asylum claims.

Never mind the fact that illegal crossings and asylum claims have more tripled since Trudeau took office, or that it was Trudeau’s own tweet that sent a strong message to economic migrants and refugees all over the world that “Canada will welcome you.”

Why take responsibility for your own mess when you can simply blame Harper?

Next, Trudeau attempted to shirk responsibility by blaming the crisis on Donald Trump.

According to a report in the Washington Times, Trudeau claimed that his government has been trying for months to address a loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement, but that U.S. officials did not see it as a priority.

A Canadian official said the White House had been “unhelpful.”

Perhaps this is karma for Trudeau. After all, he sent out his infamous “Welcome to Canada” tweet the day Trump announced his travel ban on immigrants from terrorist-affiliated countries.

Trudeau was more than happy to virtue-signal and make Trump look bad back then, but now he expects Trump to go out of his way to help Trudeau. Good luck with that.

Finally, a Trudeau-appointed Senator penned an article in the Toronto Star claiming that there is no border crisis, and the only ones who care about the breakdown of law and order are “populist” politicians and “xenophobic” Canadians.

The Liberals continue denying the problem, and blaming everyone but themselves.

But Canadians can see the truth. I went down to rural Quebec to investigate the situation, and had an exclusive series on the border crisis in the Sun papers. Don’t miss my news stories, and don’t be fooled by Trudeau’s petty excuses and rhetoric.

When it comes to this border crisis, Trudeau only has himself to blame.