Wilfrid Laurier University reveals its true colours


(This column originally appeared in the Toronto Sun)

By: Candice Malcolm 

It’s an open secret Canada’s public universities tilt to the left, and that this left-wing ideology is particularly evident among those who teach in the social sciences and humanities. 

A remarkable story out of Wilfrid Laurier University, however, exposes the far-reaching extent of this bias and the ugly repercussions of the new social justice dogma on university campuses. 

The story centres around a graduate student who was condemned and disciplined by her supervisors for showing students part of a TVO segment on the use of gender-neutral pronouns.

The clip featured University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, whose refusal to use these new pronouns has made him a heretic in the minds of social justice warriors. 

Fortunately, grad student Lindsay Shepherd had the foresight to secretly record the meeting-turned-interrogation with her academic supervisors, revealing their bullying tactics and an increasingly authoritarian attitude towards differing opinions on campus. 

The hour-long audio recording is excruciating.

Shepherd’s supervisors compare Peterson to Hitler, liken free speech advocates to Nazis, accuse her of “transphobia” and suggest she’s broken the school’s “sexual violence policy.”

All because she showed a clip that originally aired on public television.  

You can’t make this stuff up.  

These Wilfrid Laurier officials were cruel and dogmatic.

This much has been acknowledged. 

The school has apologized to Shepherd for the way she was treated. 

Bullying aside, the question remains of what is to be done about the university’s unabashed admission of its own political bias.  

During the audio recording, Shepherd’s supervisor, Prof. Nathan Rambukkana, talks about how Shepherd created “a toxic climate” and “an unsafe learning environment for students.”

In the minds of today’s leftist profs, an “unsafe environment” doesn’t reflect the physical safety of students, but their emotional well-being and how they might feel after being challenged intellectually.  

But Rambukkana’s concern for emotional well-being is only extended to students on the left end of the political spectrum.

When it comes to conservatives, both Rambukkana and his colleague, Herbert Pimlott, appear to see it as their role to re-educate those students. 

In Rambukkana’s open apology letter to Shepherd, he says he teaches “from a social justice perspective.” 

He acknowledges his habit of thinking in terms of “us versus them” when it comes to “advancing social justice.”

Pimlott, likewise, revealed a left-wing bias during the recorded conversation with Shepherd. 

“A lot of students are coming in (and) already hold very strong opinions,” says Pimlott, mentioning those who subscribe to “the world that Jordan Peterson, Ezra Levant and Rebel Media have constructed.

 “There are people who bring in those ideas in the classes I teach,” adds Pimlott, stating it’s his “duty to challenge these ideas.”

In their own words, these professors have made it clear they believe their job in the university is to protect students on the left and challenge students on the right.

But more than just challenging these students, they seem to want to brainwash them.

What is also clear is that Wilfrid Laurier is no longer an institution dedicated to objective academic inquiry and the pursuit of truth and knowledge. 

Instead, it seems to have  become a centre for indoctrination, censorship and bullying. 

On social media, Shepherd said the moral of this story is “a university must be repeatedly publicly shamed, internationally, in order to...(READ MORE)